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Born by the Beach

Born By The Beach

Being Born and Raised in the Coney Island section of South East Brooklyn, living by the beach was always close to home, Literally. After living there for 30 years before moving to Staten Island, the beach could never leave my side, even now. I'm a 90s kid, and what I remember about the beach is the guy screaming out "Ice Cold Water!" with some awesome 90's freestyle mixtape blasting in the background! ..What ever happened to that guy? Dudes playing tag football with only little sunscreen. Just enough for that typical Brooklyn Burn. And of course, Who can forget Nathan's Hotdogs?!  I mean, who doesn't love the beach? Only place you can just sink your feet into that hot sandy earth and stare out into the horizontal abyss. Cant wait for this summer.

Back in those days, I remember some of the cheesiest but trendy stuff people would just meander around the beaches with. Pink trunks? Unheard of but I saw it with my own two eyes. The bleached racer-backs, ripped shirts, long wacky colored trunks, neon colored ladies swimwear, I mean the list goes on.It was a joke, completely ridiculous.. to be honest however it was "the thing" back in those days. But you know something? It dawned on me that this style is slowly but surely making it comeback! Imagine they had themselves a printed Boujee Beach Towel? or a Palm Tree Button Shirt that guys are wearing down at the Rockaways wear nowadays? Or how about a Sand Free Beach Mat ?? Just imagine how sick that would've been to have back in the days.

That's when the idea of Beach Boujee was born. It's made for the modern millennial boujee who knows what the deal is. They know that when you're blasting Stevie-B down the avenue, it's on like donkey kong.
🎶 One way love, thought we had something 
Girl you played me for a fool 
Should of held back all my loving 
Didn't know there were no rules 
It's beach-time baby! Get Ready .... because Beach Boujee is here!!!
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